Neuropsychological rehabilitation

I provide a range of comprehensive psychological assessments to identify psychological issues and/or risk, and/or provide a functional analysis report in the psychological and neuropsychological rehabilitation contexts.  These assessments inform effective treatment plans and appropriate therapeutic goals for individuals with the purpose to enhance their recovery journey. Subject to an additional cost, home visits can be arranged due to the client’s reduced mobility or individual circumstances.


I also provide mental health assessments for corporations and businesses, as mental health difficulties and work stress have been identified as a significant cause of absence and poor performance at work.  These assessments intend to help businesses across the UK manage mental health issues in the work place, with individualized psychological treatment options for their employees with an aim to improve performance and increase productivity at work.

At the end of an assessment session, a psychological report will be provided with recommendations and relevant treatment options. This will normally take approximately two weeks from the date of assessment.

  • Confidential face to face counselling.
  • Work stress management.
  • Anger/conflict management.
  • Mental health and work training.
  • Managerial support for mental health issue at the workplace.
  • Team building/communication training.

Fees for psychological assessments

Psychological assessment session 50 to 90 minutes – £175 to £265

Detailed assessment and written report – £795